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Art Auction

This art auction is created to support promising and talented artists who create art to help raise funds or awareness for their local communities.  Artist participants understand the process and are involved in their community service where any sale of art will go to proceeds of their charitable organizations.  Artworks features themes, concepts, art mediums, collaborations, or guest artists of different concentrations so there are many choices to choose from.  Minimum bids open at $75.00.  If you are interested in any artworks below, please make a bid and help support them! 



                                      Item 1                                                          Item 2                                           Item 3

                           8 by 10 inches framed.                                 11 by 9 inches framed.               28 by 22 inches matted.

                                   Oil On Canvas.                                            Oil On Canvas.                       Charcoal and Pastels.




                                       Item 4                                                          Item 5 (SOLD)                                 Item 6 

                          28 by 22 inches matted.                            14 by 11 inches matted.                     14 by 11 inches matted.

                               Charcoal and Pastels.                                         Graphite.                                        Graphite.




                            Item 7                                                                 Item 8                                                   Item 9       

                 14 by 11 inches matted.                                    28 by 22 inches matted.                       28 by 22 inches matted.

                    Charcoal and Pastels.                                        Charcoal and Pastels.                            Charcoal and Pastels.




               Item 10 (SOLD)                                             Item 11                                                            Item 12

        16 by 16 inches matted.                         9 by 12 inches framed.                                     16 by 20 inches framed.

                    Graphite.                                             Oil On Canvas.                                                 Oil On Canvas.




                             Item 13                                                 Item 14                                                  Item 15

                16 by 20 inches framed.                       14 by 11 inches matted.                         22 by 28 inches matted.

                         Oil On Canvas.                                          Graphite.                                     Charcoal and Pastels.




                             Item 16                                                       Item 17

                  16 by 20 inches framed.                            12 by 16 inches framed.

                          Oil On Canvas.                                           Oil On Canvas.



Artworks come matted and framed.  Prints are also available!


How does it work?  

1.  Browse and select the artwork(s) of your choice.

2.  Contact via email ([email protected], MEMO: ART AUCTION ITEM #) and make or initiate a starting bid or inquiries with selected artwork(s).  (Minimum bid opens at $75.00)

3.  A deadline will be set on multiple and pending offers will be processed pertaining to the artwork(s).

4.  After winning confirmation approval of your bid, please follow any instructions regarding bid money and forms for the artwork(s) and organizational proceeds to be filled.  We are only accepting local bids so local pick-up only. 

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Quick Reminders & Announcements!

Congratulations to all the students who placed at the 2016 California Wildlife Logo Contest: Madhurima K., Alice O., Eesha P., Saanika P., Hansika Y., and Vrinda I.  Congratulations!

Sunnyvale Library is displaying student artworks on the Computer Lab Wall Sections and the Children's Section starting August until the end of September. Please show your support and visit the library and enjoy the artworks! Thank you to all the artists participating!

Congratulations to Amita C., for placing 1st in the CFWC 2016 Memorial Student Art Contest (Elementary School 2-3 Grade Group)!

Congratulations to Akshata A., for acceptance into 5th Annual High School Juried Exhibition at New Museum Los Gatos!

Congratulations to Shobhan M., for placing 1st at 2016 MCS Art Festival for Mixed Media and Painting Categories!

Congratulations to Maya K., for winning city of Cupertino's First Annual Young Artist Award for 15-18 year old category!

Congratulations to Sanika M., for receiving 2nd Prize for her school Yearbook design!

Congratulations to Samali S., she will be attending the Ivy League of University of Pennsylvania next fall!

Thank you to the Sharma Family for their donation to support Cancer Research at Stanford. Wishing you only the best for your family.

Thank you to the Gupta Family for their donation to support Cancer Research at Stanford. Wishing you only the best for your family.

Teacher Sid Veloria continues to be involved in ongoing community outreach projects and art auction to help support cancer research, homeless awareness, literacy and youth programs in the South Bay and East Bay areas.